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kess64, vol. 42, no. 4, pp.401-411, August, 2021


Assessment of New High-resolution Regional Climatology in the East/Japan Sea

Jae-Ho Lee and You-Soon Chang*
Department of Earth Science Education, Kongju National University, Kongju 32588, Korea


This study provides comprehensive assessment results for the most recent high-resolution regional climatology in the East/Japan Sea by comparing with the various existing climatologies. This new high-resolution climatology is generated based on the Optimal Interpolation (OI) method with individual profiles from the World Ocean Database and gridded World Ocean Atlas provided by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). It was generated from the recent previous study which had a primary focus to solve the abnormal horizontal gradient problem appearing in the other high-resolution climatology version of NCEI. This study showed that this new OI field simulates well the mesoscale features including closed-curve temperature spatial distribution associated with eddy formation. Quantitative spatial variability was compared to the other four different climatologies and significant variability at 160 km was presented through a wavelet spectrum analysis. In addition, the general improvement of the new OI field except for warm bias in the coastal area was confirmed from the comparison with serial observation data provided by the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute’s Korean Oceanic Data Center.


climatology, East/Japan Sea, optimal interpolation, World Ocean Database, World Ocean Atlas, serial observation